New Year's Eve

The first time I ever did anything with a guy was at my friend Kate's new year's eve party shortly after my 18th birthday. It wasn't a big do; more a friends and family thing with her parents inviting their friends from the village and Kate inviting whichever of her friends were still around and not off at uni, working or travelling the world.

Kate was a couple of years older than me as were most of her friends. I had known her best friend Sarah since primary school, who was now a

new year's eve

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New Year's Eve Patrol Ch. 02

The next evening's shift, New Year's Day, started with both Sergeant Sam Stillwell and Constable Devon Schmuland acting as though nothing had happened the night before. 

This was made easier because there was more active police work happening this night. As their shift moved to an end, they had investigated three suspicious activity complaints, two drunk and disorderlies, four suspected drunk drivers, and two domestic violence calls. The final call had been another suspicious acti

new year's eve patrol

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New Year's Eve Patrol Ch. 03

The following day, back at his usual post, Sam Stillwell was restless. 

He pondered all day whether he should go back to the gang's hangout. He was nervous. How would he be received without Devon? Would he be received without Devon?

And he was nervous about going without Devon. Even though he knew Devon had no more control than he in the situation he would feel safer with Devon there.

Sam just could not sit still. He read through the reports he had t

new year's eve patrol

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New Year's Eve Patrol Ch. 05

I want to thank faithful reader Noel for helping me work through a serious writer's and making suggestions for this episode of this story. Thanks, Noel, I appreciate it.


From Part 4

The police officers looked at each other and then at the waiter. He was a handsome young man. Dark colouring, tufts of hair peeking above his t-shirt collar, bright toothy smile. At the same time they declared, "You're on!"

"Meet me near the was

new year's eve patrol

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New Year's Eve Patrol

Sergeant Samuel Stillwell adjusted the temperature in the squad car again. The howling wind created a psychological feeling of cold. Of course, the fact the ambient temperature was -29 Celsius aided that freezing feeling.

Sam hadn't been on a car patrol for a great many years. He was 47 years old, had served the city police since he was 23 and was only a year from retiring with full pension. He had earned the privilege of not sitting in a car on New Year's Eve, but duty called.

new year's eve patrol

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New Year's Eve Patrol Ch. 04

From Part 3

Sam made his way to the locker room and was not surprised to find Oosterhus lingering in front of his own locker partially dressed.

Oosterhus said nonchalantly, "So, the black guy fucked you, didn't he? I've been recognizing all the signs."

Sam gasped and fell onto the bench. "Wha...? What...?"

Part 4

Oosterhus laughed. "Are you going to deny that the black guy just fucked you?"

"I... he... we..

new year's eve patrol

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