Right Place, Wrong Time

It was a bright, sunny day. Probably about 100 degrees, maybe more. 19 year old Harry Gordon waded through the tall weeds in the dense forest. The smell of nature filled his nostrils, and sweat formed all over his muscular body, which was under a pair of denim jeans and a thin T-shirt. He wiped his forehead with his hand, and swept the short strands of brown hair sticking to his head. He was supposed to be meeting a friend deep in the forest, just down part of a cliff and a closed-in area where 

right wrong time

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Wrong Bar, Right Time

It all started a few weeks ago while I sat in a bar after a long day of searching through the want ads.

"How's it going?" said the clean headed muscle man who sat down next to me.

"Not the best," I said, looking up from the paper. "I've been slogging around town all morning, looking for a job."

"No luck?" he asked, looking me over with ice-blue eyes.

"Not really," I said.

"Well," he said, motioning the bartender, "maybe

wrong right time

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James Ch. 01: A Tindr Night Gone Wrong

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Story about a young man who is forced by another. I would warn you about it, but then, that's why you came here to read it you naughty boy...


This whole thing started when I broke up with my girlfriend. At the time, she had said I wasn't there sexually and emotionally for her needs, and that she needed space... whatever that means. We had been together for

james tindr night gone wrong

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Wrong Choice

It was the wrong choice of swimwear, and I was headed back to the guest room to rectify that, when the cause of it all stopped me in the hallway. The new owner of our company had invited me to his country place for a weekend to discuss some details of a project we were working on, and it turned out there was a pool party included. But, not knowing that, I hadn't brought my suit. I had assumed this would be all business. So there I was, having to pick out a loaner suit from Thad, my boss, and I'd

wrong choice

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