The White Wolf 02

All of the characters in this story are 18 or above. 



The zeme pack had gone into disarray and so both the Vandens and Gaisro packs rushed to get the chance to take it over. It was decided that the younger generation of lycans would pick the new alpha.

I along with Marie and Peter was sent to the pack as a potential alpha from the Vandens pack. We met Carrie, Marcia, and Xavier from the Gaisro pack when we got there.

the white wolf

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The White Wolf 01


I had grown up in the Zeme pack named after Adomas' third son. I was born an orphan so the pack took on the responsibility of raising me together, I was given a room in the Johnson's house and grew up out on the reservation.

Tonight was my eighteenth birthday, I had yet to turn yet and so I was looked at with pity. If you did not turn for the first full moon after your eighteenth birthday you were no longer allowed to live on the reservation. This was the only

the white wolf

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