Roommates Without Girlfriends

It was Friday night and Luke and I were both home due to the fact that both broke up with our girlfriends in the last 2 weeks. Neither one of us had a date so we decided to hang out, drink beers and watch movies. Before we started a movie, we started bitching about our girlfriends. We got to talking for a couple of hours and drank a lot of beer. The conversation soon turned to sex and what our girlfriends would and wouldn't do. It had been a good 2 weeks for both of us since we got laid.

roommates without girlfriends

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Alone Time: Without My Love

"Look, I have to get going. It is already midnight here and I have a full day tomorrow." Lenny's voice chimed from his headphones, alerting Terran that his boyfriend would be signing off for the night. He lived in a timezone that was eight hours ahead and so their time on the computer together was very limited. It was only five in the afternoon where he was. Terran frowned and exited out of the game they had been playing together and instead looked to the webcam version of Lenny. "I'll talk to y

alone without love

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Roommates Without Girlfriends Ch. 02

.....after a few minutes of just laying there, Luke suggested we go take a shower together and get cleaned up. That sounded good to me. We got up and went into the bathroom. It was a little weird because my legs were wobbly and my ass felt well fucked as the cum continued to leak out. I still couldn't believe what just happened and that I was actually ok with it. 

I had fun.

We turned on the water and stepped in together. It wasn't a big shower so we were pretty clo

roommates without girlfriends

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Weekend Without the Wife

It had been a month since my first experience with a man. I know, I was a late starter - waiting until my mid 30's to begin experimenting. Judge me as much as you want. I'm OK with that. And, even then, it was pretty much by chance. But I liked it. A lot. Being a married man, with a wife who was perpetually horny, I never really had a whole lot of reason to go out of my way and satisfy my curiosity. 

Mind you, I knew for years that I was curious about having sex with a man. Someti

weekend without the wife

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