What I Do For My Wife Ch. 02

My wife Christine and I wake up late to a beautiful Saturday morning. She kisses me passionately and then gets up. I watch her quickly dress, again taken in by her wonderful face, beautiful body and long brown hair. We are both in our late thirties, are happily married and in very good shape. She comes back to kiss me.

"You were great last night! But now let's go shopping!"

Then she leaves to make us some breakfast. I instantly feel myself grow hard. The party the n

what for wife

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Desert Lover Takes Me--And My Wife

Special Forces Captain learns love in prison; so does wife

They say it just take one fuck-up to ruin a perfect score, and I kept hearing that in the back of my mind as I ran over the sand dunes, damning myself for getting separated from my team! Bullets hitting around me, spitting up little yellow geysers of sand, and behind me the chunk-a sound of AK-47s let me know I was in deep shit. I ran toward a dune, struggled up the side, cursing the soft sand--like running i

desert lover takes me--and wife

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My Wife Knew I Was Bi

My name is Gary and I'm married to Jennifer. We're both in our fifties and both in great shape and sex with Jennifer is still great. She wouldn't let me cum in her mouth or fuck her ass. Two things I've always wanted to do. 

There's one fantasy she doesn't know I have and that's having sex with a man. So when I'm home alone, I surf the Internet and chat with men while jerking off to movie clips of men sucking cock and eating cum. I'm just too chicken to be with a man in real life.

wife knew was

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Weekend Without the Wife

It had been a month since my first experience with a man. I know, I was a late starter - waiting until my mid 30's to begin experimenting. Judge me as much as you want. I'm OK with that. And, even then, it was pretty much by chance. But I liked it. A lot. Being a married man, with a wife who was perpetually horny, I never really had a whole lot of reason to go out of my way and satisfy my curiosity. 

Mind you, I knew for years that I was curious about having sex with a man. Someti

weekend without the wife

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