It's Who You Know Ch. 01

For an author's note: This is an 8-part story and my first attempt at something like it. I suppose it's a romance/erotica/thriller mix.

I welcome all feedback, positive or negative.

I hope readers enjoy.



I struggle to think of the exact point where it starts. And I don't know whether that means my memory is bad, or I'm a shit storyteller.

I think I want to start with Zack, because I

it's who you know

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A Boy Who Came In from the Cold Ch. 12



© Sadie Rose Bermingham 2006

Apologies for the delay to Chapter 12. I've been swanning around Europe and London enjoying myself so things have gotten a little behind. Which, by happy coincedence, is exactly what Aldo and Barclay hope to get themselves at the end of this chapter! As usual, the author reserves the right to stomp all over the heads of anyone who pilfers this material withou

boy who came from the cold

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Girls Who Like To Watch Men Fuck

After my first encounter with Alex it took me a little while until I could fit anything back inside my ass. He'd done a great job of dominating me and using my slim body. It was a massive turn on and I contacted him again quickly to let him use me more. 

He kept mentioning how he had some friends who really got off on watching guys fuck and that he thought they'd love to see him romp my ass. I loved being dominated, which was becoming a common feature of my sex life, by this thick

girls who like watch men fuck

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The Man Who Stole My Virginity

This is yet another story about a guy finding his true sexual orientation. This one has a twist to it though, a twist that i am sure you will like. I hope that every one of the sissy faggots reading this story will one day find the "thief" of their virginity. They all deserve it!

Ps: all characters are older than 18 years old. And they are sexy as fuck!


I was at home, watching a movie on tv, when it happened.

My name is a

the man who stole virginity

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