I'll Say When You're Done

Wow, thick. How long is it?

- 7 inches

Hot, dark, uncut cock!

can I see it with the foreskin over the head, by any chance?

Awesome, what a fatty!

You like to top? You like to slide that into me?"

- Yes

- I would like to fuck your tight ass.

- Show me your hole.

Itching for your cock. What position do you like?

- First your back 'cause I want to see

i'll say when you're done

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What to Do When the A/C Is Out

My room mate and I had been out on a pub crawl with a bunch of friends when we realized well after midnight that we were the only ones left standing, so we jumped in a cab and went home.

When we opened the door we were hit with a wall of heat! The A/C had quit again. As we both knew what to do, I went to the fridge stripping off my shirt to get some cold ones.

When I got to the couch he was down to his underwear and rolling a fat joint. Handing him a cold one, I st

what when the a/c out

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When The Girlfriend's Away ...

It was a rainy Saturday evening and Frank was bored. There was nothing to do around the house, his girlfriend had gone to Spain with her girlfriends for a week and none of his buddies could be roused to go out. There was also nothing on TV and he was too lazy to go out and rent a video. He was just debating if he should get dressed and go out alone or if he should just go to bed with a book when the doorbell rang. 

When Frank opened the door he saw his friend Mike on the porch, ho

when the girlfriend's away

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When There Is Nothing Left Ch. 01


Edited by: Tangent Joker


"Will it hurt?"

Antonio tilted his head to look up into Parker's brown eyes. His lover was sporting a good amount of dark blonde scruff on his otherwise boyish face. It wasn't in honor of this month being November but rather because they couldn't afford razors and shaving cream. It was a luxury that did not take priority over the already scarce food or the all

when there nothing left

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