In My Skin: What is This?

Part Two! Thank you all for your feedback on the Part One! You are all great and I appreciate your diligence through the slow start. So, as promised, the next instalment is here!

Please enjoy! Xx


Movie Night

Jacks: 2005

I let Raymond ahead of me to pick our seats. He heads straight for the back of the theater, which I appreciate. Just when I think that he's going for the very last row, he quickly moves to the

what this?

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What I Do For My Wife Ch. 02

My wife Christine and I wake up late to a beautiful Saturday morning. She kisses me passionately and then gets up. I watch her quickly dress, again taken in by her wonderful face, beautiful body and long brown hair. We are both in our late thirties, are happily married and in very good shape. She comes back to kiss me.

"You were great last night! But now let's go shopping!"

Then she leaves to make us some breakfast. I instantly feel myself grow hard. The party the n

what for wife

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What Sammy Saw on Her Cam

"Pull your cock for me. Slowly!" Sammy intoned, lazily, as she ploughed into her own cunt with an eight-inch cock-shaped vibrator that was very like the one attached to the man on the other side of the screen.

She started when the bedroom burst open suddenly, "Hey, Cooper, I was thinking that..."


"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! Sorry!"

Sammy could not believe what was happening before her eyes! Her favourite playmate on

what sammy saw her cam

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What I'd Always Wanted

It's not like I had that much sex before my divorce. My wife was never really into it and, frankly, with her cold-fish approach, it didn't do that much for me either. So for most of my life, my sex life has consisted of beating off once a week or so. I've just never been one of those guys who's much good at getting what he wants, never really have been much good at speaking up for myself. I guess that's why I've had the same crappy job for 20 years. Good old Ted. Everybody loves me 'cause I do a

what i'd always wanted

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What to Do When the A/C Is Out

My room mate and I had been out on a pub crawl with a bunch of friends when we realized well after midnight that we were the only ones left standing, so we jumped in a cab and went home.

When we opened the door we were hit with a wall of heat! The A/C had quit again. As we both knew what to do, I went to the fridge stripping off my shirt to get some cold ones.

When I got to the couch he was down to his underwear and rolling a fat joint. Handing him a cold one, I st

what when the a/c out

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What Lurks Beneath

Part of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong


As I was getting into bed, Guy returned to the room chuckling that the lads had still been on their DS, which he'd confiscated. "I know they're getting a bit old to have their toys taken off them, but they're gonna need to get some sleep if they want to enjoy the match tomorrow."

Knowing Jake, I was quite sure he was already finding other things to keep him and his friend occup

what lurks beneath

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What Dave and I Did Last Night

I was horney as hell and so I posted an online ad hoping to find someone who wanted to take turns sucking each other off. I'm very much bi – I have a girl I see from to time but I do like to get my cock sucked just the way I want without having to be extra charming, wait for my birthday or having to negotiate for it. In fact, I love it so much that I love to do the same to whoever will do it for me. However, other than that, I don't have a lot to offer what a lot of guys want. I'm not into kissi

what dave and did last night

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What Happens After Class

It was such a muggy classroom. It was humid and it was sticky in a heat wave in the middle of March. Logan was tired and hungover from the kegger the night before and all he could think about was getting back to his dorm room and sleep. He looked around at his fellow freshmen in the 9am economics class. There were quite a few of his buddies and a few disheveled looking girls who also were feeling the effects of last night's party.

The bell rang and Logan quickly stuffed his laptop

what happens after class

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Never Knew what was Next Door

I was having Chrissy over for dinner. Chrissy is tall, thin, attractive brunette. We were just friends, but to be more accurate I should say I was deep in the friend zone with her. I was never good with girls and so I got used to her getting with other guys while keeping me as her friend. Over time Chrissy has confessed to me multiple times she's primarily into athletic black men, as some sort of taboo thing or something, so I didn't really think I was ever going to get anywhere with her anyway.

never knew what was next door

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What Am I Doing? Ch. 02

Well here is am. In Atlanta, lying on the living room floor of a man whose cock I just sucked. Wonder what my wife would say? Well, I'll tell you what she would say. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS HOUSE, YOU COCKSUCKER!!!" And then we would be meeting next time in a lawyer's office.

What the hell have I done? For starters, I finally realized something I had only been thinking of for the past 10 years or so. Having sex with a man. And I am sated. And what a chance meeting through a work

what doing?

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