Gym Friends Get a Weekend Away Pt. 01

So after several months things were going great! The wife had no idea and Chuck and I we very happy. We were meeting a couple times a week instead of working out, occasionally for a longer lunch session or when the wife would take the kids. The sex was amazing and we were both very happy. Chuck had headed overseas for a few weeks to see is wife and I missed him so. But when he got back we were right back at it like he never left.

So one day after lunch, laying in his bed with cum

gym friends get weekend away

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The Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 03

"There's a king-sized bed in the bedroom upstairs," I told Brad as we stumbled into the cabin. He was insistently pressed his hard cock up against my naked ass. I could feel the it through his jeans as his fingers pinched my nipples and he kissed and sucked my neck.

We headed for the stairs leaving Tim outside to get his pants back on and bring in the luggage. I was half-way up the stairs when Brad stopped me and by pushing against my lower back forced me to bend over. My ass was

the weekend the cabin

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The Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 04

"It's to keep you from touching your cock, cumming or getting an erection," Eric said as he fastened the cock cage around my dick. "This way, you can be our little slave for the whole evening without getting any relief for yourself." 

The others had gathered around drinking beer and watching while Eric fastened the cock cage in place. He had smacked my balls several times to make me lose my erection and quickly fitted the device over my cock. He had a tiny padlock he snapped shut.

the weekend the cabin

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Weekend Warriors

He thought he'd never get away from work that afternoon, but at last he was out the door, in his car, and heading down the road away from the city. Ron Wilcox breathed a sigh of relief. He was good at his job, and he and everyone else knew it. The bad part about that was that other people assumed he'd be there round the clock to bail them out when they got into trouble. The looks he'd gotten when he'd announced he was heading out early for the weekend, as if he were leaving them all in the lurch

weekend warriors

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Guys Weekend

There's nothing quite like an unexpected opportunity. Such an opportunity just came up for me a couple of months ago on a camping trip with some of my boys. My name's Mike and I'm pretty much your average American twenty-something. I got a decent job and house, a great girlfriend and awesome friends. I'm a decent enough looking guy, never any trouble in the "getting girls" department for me.

In any event, it was time for the guys annual weekend camping trip to Maine. Each summer s

guys weekend

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Our Fantasy Weekend

This is our fantasy

I met him on a gay networking site . I had been looking at and posting picture for a few weeks when I saw his picture. I was immediately turned on by his smooth body and gorgeous ass. Of course, I requested him as a friend and after a while, anxiously awaiting his response, I saw that he approved my request. We chatted back and forth a few times, he is so cute. I decided to test the water, so to speak, and sent him a little info about me. He told me a little mo

our fantasy weekend

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Naked Weekend Pt. 02

After I walked out of the bedroom, I made a brief stop at the bathroom and then proceeded on to my bedroom. The fact I had not cum, combined with thinking about what had just taken place with Bob & Carol, was causing my cock to begin to stiffen again. I was standing next to my bed slowly stroking my dick, thinking I would jack off before going to sleep, when I heard Bob's voice behind me say "Need some help with that?" I turned around and saw Bob standing there with a slight smile on his face. "

naked weekend

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Weekend With Kenton - Saturday Morn

Please note that the beginning of this story will make sense if you read part one: Weekend with Kenton - Friday

"I like those pants, damnit." Kenton said, before embarking on a silence that seemed endless. "Get dressed. I'm taking you to breakfast."

I smiled, not really realizing I had reacted. The fact that he still wanted to be around me after all this at least meant he wasn't weirded out. I pulled open my top dresser drawer to grab

weekend with kenton saturday morn

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Weekend Without the Wife

It had been a month since my first experience with a man. I know, I was a late starter - waiting until my mid 30's to begin experimenting. Judge me as much as you want. I'm OK with that. And, even then, it was pretty much by chance. But I liked it. A lot. Being a married man, with a wife who was perpetually horny, I never really had a whole lot of reason to go out of my way and satisfy my curiosity. 

Mind you, I knew for years that I was curious about having sex with a man. Someti

weekend without the wife

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