I Only Wanted to Watch

Brandon had told me that if I wasn't going to move to a new, all-the-way level with him, he was going to a gay bar and would bring someone back to the dorm with him. He said he couldn't take the frustration any longer. I thought he had been joking, that he was as scared about this as I was. But there they were, entering the door from the street and moving toward Brandon's room at the other end of the suite in the middle of the night, having awakened me from a light sleep when Brandon's friend kn

only wanted watch

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Danny Likes To Watch

For once I was so mad with Jason. We had been living together for six months and it felt like heaven. I felt at last he was the guy for me, hook line and sinker. I always teased him saying he really hooked me with his line and sunk it into me so beautifully.

That is how it was and how it always has been until now when he wants to bring a third party into our relationship.

With us it has always been just the two of us and I thought he was happy with that. I guess the

danny likes watch

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Girls Who Like To Watch Men Fuck

After my first encounter with Alex it took me a little while until I could fit anything back inside my ass. He'd done a great job of dominating me and using my slim body. It was a massive turn on and I contacted him again quickly to let him use me more. 

He kept mentioning how he had some friends who really got off on watching guys fuck and that he thought they'd love to see him romp my ass. I loved being dominated, which was becoming a common feature of my sex life, by this thick

girls who like watch men fuck

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