Valley of the Woods Ch. 03


I had finals this week, so I'm sorry if my work isn't stellar. It's not like anyone reads this stuff anyways so whatever. Fuck. Eh, I love it anyways.

This is NOT a short jerk off at all. Its got FEELINGS and all that jazz. Fun.

Ok, so this is a work of fiction, and I have made slight deviations from reality in parts. Ok? Ok.

Let's start the story.



Over the next few w

valley the woods

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2 More in the Valley

A few weeks ago in Late September I went back down into the valley for a little walk and to see if there might be some fun down there. As the fall progresses and the leaves drop off the trees it becomes too easy to see distances through the woods and the activity drops off. On the weekend in question we got one of those great fall days when the weather warms up and the sun is shining. I was happy to see when I got there that most of the leaves were still on the trees and the privacy needed to sc

more the valley

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