Not Just the Usual Ride Home Ch. 01

It was nothing new, I always stopped by the convenience store on my way home from work, especially on long days like this one. At 45 years old, with a BA in Business, it was the only job I could find since the Central NY economy had completely tanked. I had lost my cozy bank job nearly 18 months ago. Getting dirty was a small trade off for the mostly large paychecks, and the kind of physical shape that most guys my age spend hours a day at a gym to get into. 

I hadn't been with th

not just the usual ride home

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Business As Usual Ch. 02

 Chapter 2

"What's in a Name?"

When the noise settled, Veranon and Elwin faced their excited partiers with broad smiles and Veranon waved to someone who was leaning against the wall in the back of the room. "Master DasVivienne! Come forth, mon amor! This was partly your idea, after all."

Everyone turned their heads to watch the tall, elegant elf with his streaming, shimmering cloud of lovely pale hair following in his wake. It was lo

business usual

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