How He Became A Gay Male Urinal Ch. 02

Chapter 2 On the Job training

The big day is here. It's Sunday morning and Elliott will find out for sure where he will be working as a urinal today. Uncle Richard lets him out of the cage. He empties my urine jug into the piss funnel and instructs Elliott that once we leave for my job he is not to urinate until told to do so. He has Elliott shower and clean up so he will appear as a clean urinal. He puts the collar and leash on him and attaches the urine jug to the draina

how became gay male urinal

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How He Became A Gay Male Urinal Ch. 01

The Cast of Participants

Elliott -a submissive male in his 50's who is always exploring roles and trying to find one that he would fit into. He resides in Arizona and loves serving men. Is open to exploring new roles

Uncle Richard-- is a dominant male in his mid to late 60's and he resides in California. He has corresponded with Elliott for years as a mentor and advisor. He has Elliott address him as Uncle Richard as a show of respect and so Elliott will view him as

how became gay male urinal

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Urinal Confessions

It was early afternoon when the meeting ended and I was heading back to my office. During the course of the meeting I drank several diet beverages and needed to visit the restroom before heading to the parking garage and my car. I walked toward the elevator and on my way passed a Ladies Room so I figured if I passed the elevator lobby I'd find the Men's Room.

Sure enough, just past the elevators I saw the restroom and pushing the door open walked in, placed my notebook on a small

urinal confessions

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