Student Turns Bitch

When I was a freshman in college, I had an Ancient History class that I was struggling with. The professor was a tall, middle aged black man about 6'3" and maybe 250 lbs. He was in good shape except for a little extra around the waist, had greying hair and a baritone voice. His name was Dr. Turner but he insisted everyone call him JT. 

My first visit to JT's office came after a poor performance on a pop quiz. I received a C and was desperate for help. He gave me an evening appoint

student turns bitch

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Teasing Turns Into Something Ch. 01

All people in story are 18+ and while based on true events is fiction. 

I guess I will start at the beginning. It was the start of the school year and I was feeling great slimmed down from over the summer and my Instagram was well known around the school. I was somewhat popular but not so much so that I was a basic heartless person just enough that I had a solid reputation and could do whatever I wanted. I went to an upper-middle class school that wa

teasing turns into something

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