Turning Out The Blind

As I look back on my coaching career, I can't help but smile. I have a respectable record of wins and season trophies, a long list of young men trained as sportsmen, and a couple of Most Valuable Teacher awards. I also keep a private list of names and telephone numbers.

Men, you see, come in three varieties, and three only: * Curious (wants to try sex with a man, eager to suck a cock, maybe get fucked--a bottom) * Confident (knows how hot man-sex can be but wants to "preserve his

turning out the blind

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No Turning Back

"Shit!" Peter said the cabin heater finally gave up its unequal struggle to keep up with the cold; announcing its capitulation with a plaintive whine, then hiss as the steam pressure bled away uselessly.

"Hmm?" Eric mumbled in his sleep. "What are you going on about?"

Peter rolled over to his side, barely able to make out his friend outline in the dim moonlight streaming in through the small cabin window.

"The heater man, it's dead. Piece of shit!" h

turning back

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Turning the Teacher Ch. 02

I woke up early, sunlight pushing through the feeble barrier provided by pale yellow curtains. I was lying on a double bed in a strange room, and for a moment I wondered where I was.

Then it came back to me.

I was at my teacher's house, Mr. Wild. I had found a sordid and sexy video he had starred in before he became a teacher, and used it to blackmail him into becoming my very own sexy cock-slave. I looked over, and he was lying next to me, his face still wearing m

turning the teacher

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Turning the Table

Disclaimer: This is all fiction, based on my own imagination. They have no relation to the real world. Any similarities of real people or places are purely coincidental. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Keegan Richards was one of the fastest swimmers at Montel College. He was not the largest of his team-mates nor was he the tallest at five foot six, but he didn't mind. He was doe-eyed with light brown ruffled hair and while he seemed shy from afar, he was very well-l

turning the table

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Turning the Teacher

The youngest of three boys, I guess you would have expected me to get used to the sight of the male nude. But my parents were real prudes, and went on about nudity being dirty. They never really differentiated between male and female nudity, so I never did either. I realised that I was bi as soon as I was old enough to learn about sex at all.

There weren't many bi guys at college, which is why I spent time surfing for mates online. I found plenty too. All sorts of different guys,

turning the teacher

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Turning Into a Cocksucker Ch. 02

After spending a majority of the morning sucking off one of my closest friends, I spent a few quiet moments sitting on my bed, back in my own hotel room, trying to comprehend what happened. I nervously twisted my wedding ring around my finger, anxiously thinking about the pictures I had allowed Brad to take of me. What was he going to do with them? What if one of them found its way back to my wife?

All the sensations I had just experienced came flooding back to me. The warmth of B

turning into cocksucker

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Turning Into a Cocksucker Ch. 01

I always dreaded my office's annual work trip. A whole ten days dedicated to trainings and lectures with the other members of management. A small upside was that it meant a week away from the hassles of my kids and wife. My wife and I got married right out of college and had kids immediately. Now we were in our mid-thirties and it was nice to get away every once in awhile. I would never cheat on her but I felt there was no harm in hitting the strip clubs with a couple of the other guys and looki

turning into cocksucker

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