Turned Out on a Bet Ch. 04

Of hot rods and men

I was scared. Wait a minute, brave soldier! The whole plan was to disconnect from Kovachek, anyway! All I have to do is go through with the plan, team him up with Major Cadbury, and (gulp!) all my troubles will be over.

A cold wind blew through the room. Everything so far required only a little political maneuvering and a lot of physical sweat. Matchmaking two "thinks-the-other-is-straight" senior-ranking sol

turned out bet

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Turned Out on a Bet Ch. 03

In which the best-laid clans of men often go astray

The Seventh-Inning Stretch

How does the saying go?--The balls have reasons that reason itself knows not of? I was in a funk. Mess hall coffee tastes even worse when your head spins with an impossible scheme. It was a simple question, really: How do I stretch the asshole of an unsuspecting sergeant? It's not something simple, like askin

turned out bet

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Oberführer Turned My Life Around Ch. 02

Oberführer Von Teuer was fucking the hell out of me. I was past caring. I secretly hoped he had a long time before reaching his orgasm, but he lasted only another 20 minutes or so. Through all that hard slogging, he kept me in the longest afterglow of my life, drawing out my climax and ejaculations so long my balls hurt. When I heard him let out a long, low moan, my gut was so alive and sensitive, I could actually feel the hot jets of his semen shooting up in me. 

I had to face it

oberführer turned life around

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Turned Out on a Bet Ch. 02

Too much of a good thing?

After kissing First Sergeant Kovachek--a very crotchy, locker-room tasting smooch since he'd been sucking his own jockstrap while I fucked him--I rolled over, all fucked out. I pulled the dripping-wet sheet over us both and we fell asleep. I planned to wake up after a short nap for more fucking--but both of us were more exhausted than I thought. We slept all night in a wet swamp of two men's sweat, drool, and cum.

turned out bet

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Straight Musician Turned Gay Whore

Something weird happened last night and I am very conflicted about it. I've been traveling across the country with my band and we've been crashing in people's houses along the way. They're small shows, we're barely breaking even financially and if we can keep that up it will be a huge success. Our fan base is growing so that's cool. Sadly there are not a lot of girls among them. They're mostly college guys, frat guys, which is counter our own punk lifestyles but so long as they like the music, w

straight musician turned gay whore

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Can A Straight Boy Be Turned Ch. 03

Friday March 27th 

A couple of weeks had passed since the Joe incident. Things had changed even if I didn't want to confess it for myself. I had watched gay porn this week. I had never done that before. I had thought about Joe and got aroused, switched on my computer and watched gay porn, but only one time!

After I had watched gay porn I felt so ashamed. Why does a completely straight guy look at gay porn? I tried to con

can straight boy turned

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