Can't Hide the Truth Anymore Ch. 03

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I have enjoyed bringing Gage and Devin to life and hope you enjoy the next chapters. This one is shorter, but the next chapter is coming very quickly after. 


Gage's POV

The next week was a blur of activity for Devin and me. It was basketball season and between the practices, the workouts, the extra workouts with Jack and getting ready for the first game, we barely saw each other.

can't hide the truth anymore

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The Truth will Out

Again, thank you to those that have taken the time to read and comment on my stories so far. Your comments, good and bad, have been much appreciated. I still have a few more stories to tidy up and post and when that is done I shall embark on some new stories so please keep reading and (hopefully) enjoying.



The Truth Will Out.

It had been a hard week at work and I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I calle

the truth will out

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Embracing the Truth

We kissed our hellos, Kerry being one of my oldest friends. It's always so good to see her, she's knows me better than anyone. My wife has never been jealous with us being friends, in fact they get along very well. But Kerry and I have always had a special bond. 

She's always seen right through my bullshit. I tried to pick her up in college, but she always shot me down. I think that just made me like her more, and we ended up being great friends. We've always been able to talk abo

embracing the truth

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