Jon and Chris' Trip to the Cabin Pt. 03

Jon woke up in the late morning, finding the bed empty. He thought his head would hurt worse from all the liquor, but it wasn't bad. Maybe gay sex is a hangover cure, he laughed to himself. His ass was sore, but more of a numb ache than the sharp pain of last night. 

Jon heard the water run in the bathroom, and Chris came out, still naked from the night before. He saw Jon was awake.

"Hey, sorry, did I wake you?" Chris asked.

"No, I just woke up."

jon and chris' trip the cabin

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Jon and Chris' Trip to the Cabin Pt. 02

Jon grabbed the scotch, and they headed inside. They grabbed towels, and Chris started toweling Jon down. Jon was a little surprised, but enjoyed the rub down, and returned the favor. They rubbed each other's bodies, and Jon was stiffening up from the soft towel and rough treatment. He was surprised; normally it took at least a half hour to get hard again. But the combination of getting rubbed down, doing some rubbing himself, and the taboo nature of the whole thing had him horny and excited. He

jon and chris' trip the cabin

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Power Trip Ch. 05

Colin stood in front of the toilet relieving himself through the opening at the tip of his chastity cage. He was growing used to its weight and presence, finding less discomfort from the device every day. He was happy it was Saturday and he didn't have to go to school; Colin wondered what his step-mother had in store for him, as their sexual activities were often elevated during the weekend.

Not that weekdays were uneventful; the week prior, when Colin would return from school in

power trip

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Business Trip - Second Night

The second night. . . 

I awoke the next morning with only the slightest of hangovers from lastnight's beer. I smelled like dried cum, which was caked on my cock, and stale pee and beer. A quick run thru the shower, this time for washing me not for playing in, and all the usual morning ambulations. Within a short time I was ready to head down to breakfast.

As part of this software conference, the sponsors had set up a breakfast buffet, and were hoping that the attend

business trip second night

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Educating Ken Ch. 02: Ski Trip

I owe massive thanks to Melanie for her input on this one. And thanks as ever to my editor, goddess9991. She seems to be doing a good job fooling some of you into thinking I can actually write.


I was chilling in my room at the barracks, all caught up on my classwork and passing the evening with a book, when Nicolas and Jon called. The call was more than welcome, I'd been thinking about them a lot since our weekend together. And not just because of the sex

educating ken ski trip

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Trip Money Ch. 01

I had become a regular at the gym on Tuesday nights, and this 40-something businessman named Clint, who was also a regular on that night, and I had gotten to where we spotted each other through our bar bell work. He was in great shape for his age, leaner than I was, but with well-defined, ropy muscles and chiseled square-cut features. I’d been trying to save the money for some time to get out to the beach for a couple of weeks to cruise chicks with my friends, but emergencies kept cropping up an

trip money

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Fishing Trip

For almost twenty years I have been going on twice annual trips with a group of guys from my college days. Each spring and fall we rent a remote cabin for a week and go on our fishing trips. Very little fishing gets done any more. These trips have become our getaways from the stress of our high pressure careers and everyday lives. Truth is the trips are more about, drinking, cigar smoking and playing poker without our wives' complaints. The first time we went was only two years after graduation.

fishing trip

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Trip Money Ch. 02

I was reveling in a false ending, having been sucked dry by Clint. He wasn't finished yet. His mouth had gone straight down to my butt. He was still holding me under my knees and he pushed my legs farther out and was kissing and licking my asshole. I came back to the real world in a hurry then.

"Clint, no. This was great, but we're at $750 and that should do me. I never intended to go this far even."

"Do you?" Clint raised his head until our eyes met. "Precisely. I

trip money

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Trip to the Proctologist

When I turned 18, I started getting hemorrhoids from time-to-time. They would come, it would be painful for a day and then they would pass uneventfully, so I thought nothing of them. As time went on, they began to come a little more often and be a little more painful, so I bought a tube of Preparation H. That made things pass quickly and pretty painlessly again, so I just put up with the occasional problem and went about my life.

Surprisingly, though, over the years I began to fee

trip the proctologist

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The Cabin Trip

My name is Tyler and I'm married, in my forties and in great shape. Oh yeah, I'm bisexual with no experiences but jerk off dreaming of it. My good friend is Brent and he's married, in his forties and also in great shape. Brent and myself get along great and often take off for a weekend of fun. But Brent doesn't know about my bisexual fantasies and I'm not sure how he would take it, because I jerked off thinking about fucking and sucking him.

Brent and myself will spend this weeken

the cabin trip

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