Romeo and Tre Ch. 04

Tre and Romeo were silent.

"Well is somebody going to say something." Candi said.

They just stared at her.

"Well since y'all can't speak, Tre can you atleast put your dick back in your pants." Candi said.

Tre pulled his pants up and walked out. So now Romeo and Candi were just staring at each other.

"So how long have this been going on Romeo." Candi said.

"Can we talk about something else Candi." He sai

romeo and tre

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Romeo and Tre Ch. 06

"Congratulations, you're pregnant." Doctor said.

At this moment, Candi didn't know how to feel or how to think. She wasn't sure if this is what she wanted, she's twenty, and still in college. She started to think about all the options.

"Oh, really? I couldn't be happier." Candi said with false excitement.

The doctor took a pause, and with the pause Jacob decided to speak.

"Do you know how far along she is, Doc?" Jacob asked.

romeo and tre

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Romeo and Tre Ch. 05

"Candi..." Jacob said nervously.

Candi just stared at Jacob; they both had nothing to say.

"I'm pregnant." Candi said holding back tears.

"Wait; now let's not jump to conclusions." Jacob said.

"What the fuck! Are you serious! You nutted in me! What else can I be?" Candi yelled.

"Hey calm down lil mama, we're going to think as positive as possible. " Jacob said.

"Really Jacob, it's easy for you to think posi

romeo and tre

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Romeo and Tre Ch. 02

"Cat got your tongue." Tre chuckled.

"Um... I'm confused." Romeo said nervously.

"No need, I be catching you staring at me." Tre said.

"I'm still confused." Romeo said nervously.

"Listen freshie its okay, I rather you admit then to hide it." Tre said.

"I mean I do stare but not in that type of way." Romeo said nervously.

"Really, well your dick doesn't feel the same way." Tre chuckled.


romeo and tre

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