A Toy Built for Two

This is a sort of sequel to an earlier story I titled "Slopestyle". You don't absolutely have to read that story to understand this one but it will be more enjoyable if you do.


In that story I wrote about how I had met a super cutie named Kyle while out snowboarding and how we ended up having an amazing time fucking one another's brains out in the woods alongside the hills. He was one of the hottest guys I've ever had the pleasure of hooking up with and

toy built for two

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My First Toy Ch. 01

I had been curious for awhile. I couldn't tell you exactly when but it had been years. It grew over time. At first i truly only liked women. But as i aged my fantasies took a turn. Even when dating beautiful women i would sneak off into the night to masturbate to gay porn over and over. I was so jealous even watching a woman blow me because she got to do what i wanted to. She got to suck cock.

Now 26, I had just become recently single after a long relationship and had moved in wit

first toy

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Boss's Older Boy Toy

I had just returned to the office from my workout I usually did on my Friday lunch hour, when I was called and told to report to Mr. Kohn's office up on the Penthouse floor. 

My heart hammered in my chest, and I had a cold knot in my stomach. This couldn't be good news. It was Friday, the company had been laying off staff, and I was older. I hadn't even seen Mr. Kohn in over a year, had never had any business contact with him, and now his executive secretary Phyllis was on the pho

boss's older boy toy

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The Friday Toy

**** Warning: this story contains explicit bisexual and sexually submissive content, between consenting adults. If it turns you off please do not continue, but if it does - do enjoy. Although fictional, it could have happened to me this one time ... ***

As every Friday now for the past month, a couple picked me up after work. They usually asked me to wait for them at the parking lot next to my work. This Friday night, it was 7 p m and had already become dark

the friday toy

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The Neighbours’ Toy

It was a warm summer morning. My wife and kids had gone to our summer house for the school holiday week. I was working from home as I had a couple of things I needed to concentrate on away from the office. The house was quiet and the streets as well, as it was a school holiday week. 

As I sat down in the warm morning sun on the back porch of our house with my laptop I couldn't resist looking at a couple of porn sites. After the morning shave and shower I had only put on my morning

the neighbours’ toy

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Toy Boy Ch. 01

The water was invitingly warm. It splashed generously across my naked body from up above. There were six showers in the white tiled shower room, and I had turned on all the taps. The air was filled with the steam from the warmth. The white tiled floor glistened, and the soft lights in the ceiling gave the room a cool modern look.

I shampooed and washed myself thoroughly. It had been a good work-out, and I felt good about my 35-year old body. My abs were nicely ripped, and my bicep

toy boy

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The Friday Toy Ch. 02

**** Warning: this story contains explicit bisexual and sexually submissive content between consenting adults. If it turns you off please do not continue, but if it does - do enjoy! The story is a sequel to The Friday Toy 1, but with a different twist. ***

It was finally Friday afternoon again. I was looking forward to this evening. In fact, I had waited for this day to arrive all week. Each time I thought of it, I got hot.

Suddenly my office phone rang. I

the friday toy

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Cindy's Toy

The car pulls up to the curb, I glance at the house, Kathy's house, my weekend's prison, I looked back to Cindy, my beautiful wife who is forcing me to stay with her friend, my nemesis. Cindy looked so beautiful, perfectly dressed and looking like an angel, I wanted so badly to stay with her but that was not to happen.

With a small kiss on the cheek she motions for me go to Kathy and obey her every word, if I don't Kathy has her cell number and will call her.


cindy's toy

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A Living Toy

It arrived in the mail; Bryan sent me a thumb drive with the video from the gang bang at his place.

I watched it several times, playing with myself each time, and despite knowing it was me I was watching, I could hardly believe it. The video was almost two hours, and rough in parts- the lighting would be poor, the camera would move a bit to quickly, but over all it caught the event well. Geez, I was a real slut that night.

I knew I should let Paul see it- hell, I WA

living toy

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Neighbour's Sex Toy

It is Friday evening and we are alone at home. I step out of the shower, and slowly dry myself off with a towel. You asked me to take a long warm shower and then come down. You play loud music in the living room and I wrap the towel around me and walk downstairs to you. You look lovely in a green loose summer dress, as you slowly dance around the room. You're long brown hair swaying as you move. Your deep brown eyes meet mine, and you smile sheepishly. 

We are both in our early fo

neighbour's sex toy

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