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Disclaimer: This story is an account of male/male anal intercourse.

"I've had enough," I say when he reaches over, offering to top off my wine glass once again. The dark red bitter Merlot has me warm, but hasn't gone to my head – or so I think. With a sexy grin he nods and says, "Ok, if you say so." I let him take the glass from my hand, finish it off in one swallow and set it down next to his empty glass on the table. He's playful and relaxed, but I wouldn't say drunk; he

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Top or Bottom Ch. 03

It had been another week since my continuing introduction to gay sex and I still couldn't stop thinking about it. I was totally turned on when I thought about the fucking and sucking that I had done / had done to me. My wife even asked why I seemed so horny when we had sex and while I couldn't tell her it was because of my thought about Chris I brushed it off by telling her that it was her that turned my crank. That won me some brownie points I tell you and also let me have anal sex with her, so

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You May Be Taller, But I'm Still Top

Oh my god, I haven't posted anything in ages. Sorry! The editor for Keith Ch. 02 didn't get back to me and I haven't been checking my mail so I don't know if they have yet at all, so if they haven't I might just post it unedited... but here. (: This one isn't edited either, m'fraid! D: Enjoy anyway. 


Syro bit hard into the strap of leather that bound his mouth as the whip came down on his bare thigh with a resonating crack.

'Jesus fucking Chr

you may but i'm still top

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