Voodoo, Too

Hey everyone! Thanks to your wonderful comments, here's a continuation of Some Kind of Voodoo. I recommend you read that one first, so that you can fully appreciate our dear Doctor's little silver-haired problem. 


"We call it a video camera," I explained, setting up the camera on a steady tripod, digging the feet into the forest floor. Makya frowned at the lens, leaning over to get a better look at it. He insisted on inspecting everything new we were


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Too Few And Far Between

My main source of cock the past year and half or so has been just one guy. Married guy, don't know his name, or much else about him, just know that he's not hideously disgusting, and he has a pretty decent looking dick. Not pornstar hung, but slightly longer than mine and above average girth. 

For various reasons, we hadn't been able to hook up since right after Xmas, and I was more than overdue for a nice dick to suck. His office is about 7-8 minutes from my apartment, but probab

too few and far between

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Too Horned Up?

I can go months between sucking cock but when I want it, cock becomes an overwhelming need that I have to satisfy quickly or it rules my every waking minute.

It had been about six months since I had last been with a guy, and that was a very hot time. He had me on my knees quickly licking his balls and ass before ever allowing me to get to his hard cock. I can't say that I love to lick ass, but I'll do it or anything else a man wants orally to satisfy him. Jeff always had me spend

too horned up?

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Librarians Have Feelings, Too

If Jeremy had the opportunity to grow fond of another man, then there would be no turning back. On a Saturday night, the forty-three-year-old man would be the last employee to leave the library. He had to the lock the doors in the main offices before he left home. He let the custodians finish their job as they cleaned the rest of the building for the remainder of the evening. It proved to be a simple task. He knew how everything worked in the building. Everything appeared to be incredibly custom

librarians have too

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