Joe Tom

I had my soft dick in my hand. I gently rubbed it and slid the foreskin back and forth over the glans. I was embarrassed as hell.

"Come on, Marc! Please do it for me! It's our last time together, man."

I looked at my friend Carl's face, freckled and ruddy. I'd known him for several years. He was lying naked on my bed and I stood beside the bed, my dick hanging loosely over his face. I squeezed my dick harder, trying to force an erection.

"That's good,

joe tom

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Guys like Tom

I picked up Tom hauling a load to Swansea. I work for a truck haulage company and like the buzz of driving on the highway. It has its perks too - like giving hitchhikers a free ride.

I never reckoned on Tom though. I have enjoyed a couple of girls of late who were more than willing to give me something in return for a free trip, and we had some really great sessions in my little sleep and brush up facility , in built for long distance drivers.

Mt experience is how e

guys like tom

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Joe Tom Ch. 03

I was off work that weekend. The ER doctor insisted I needed some rest. Lecky agreed. He thought the restaurant and I both could use a few days to let the dust settle. A lot of gossip and innuendo was going around about the dust up Joe Tom and I had with Rebecca Knowles. I needed the money but I was happy to just vegetate until Monday even though I felt perfectly fine.

On Monday I went to classes as usual. A lot of giggling, finger pointing, and gossip but the day went okay. It's

joe tom

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