Times is 'ard

A/N: Just a little thing I wrote a while back. Decided it would be good enough for my first submission to this wonderful site, so.

Set in 60's England, when homosexuality was still illegal. Not really much other plot besides that, just sex. Also, bird = girl, lady, woman, etc.

Both characters are 18+..

Hope you enjoy!


Jeffrey felt like an awkward teenager again, clueless and a little scared when it came to se

times 'ard

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Hot Times in a Cold Cabin

Jim and his wife, Bonnie invited my wife and me to their cabin for the weekend and we all were looking forward to getting away from the daily drudge for a while. Both the wives had to work Friday but we men were off, so the plan was for Jim and I to go up Friday and then Bonnie and Donna would come up together late Friday night.

I was stunned by the beauty that surrounded the cabin, nestled in a tree-filled glen high in the mountains and everything covered in snow. We quickly got

hot times cold cabin

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