Thirsty Old Men Ch. 04

PreviouslyGareth was the one to answer. "No way, man. You're gonna fuckin' love it. There's this part of you, deep in your ass, whenever something touches it, you'll feel like you're gonna explode right then. And the way it feels on your asshole as it holds you open...It'll be like you're getting licked and fucked at the same time." He shook his head sadly before continuing, "Mine didn't have all those little bumps all over it, though, and it wasn't that thick.

thirsty old men

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The Thirsty Roofer

Luckily the car accident hadn't been worse. I'd banged up my knee a lot, broken several ribs and was a bit bruised elsewhere. Each morning, prior to heading off to work, my wife would make sure I was prepped for the week of bed rest recommended by my doctor. My water bottle was filled, pain medications positioned nearby, and reading materials and the TV remote were within reach.

None of those items were really necessarily to keep me distracted from my discomfort and the jolts of p

the thirsty roofer

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