If The Fates Allow

Just a little something for the holidays. 


We watch each other, like always.

He moves slower than usual tonight, dragging his feet across the floor. I can hear the soft slide of his feet as he passes from his closet to his bed, his white Hanes socks against the unremarkable apartment carpet, his fuzzy shadow gliding around the room in the ambient lamplight. It had been a private lullaby since we'd moved in, since I'd first watched him

the fates allow

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A Disc in the Basket

One of my favorite hobbies these days is playing disc golf. I picked it up a couple of summers ago and absolutely fell in love with it. If you've never heard of it, It's like golf but with frisbees. It's a lot more exercise then you might think, only as competitive as you make it, and just an all around good time. It's also free to play almost anywhere you go.

Another great aspect of it is the people you meet while playing it. From my experience most of the people that are into it

disc the basket

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The Cucumber Mishap

Note: This story is more humorous than erotic, but I'm sure someone will find it appealing.


I hadn't been laid in 3 years.

Sounds insane? Not really. It's easy enough to find sex as a younger gay man, but when your hairline starts to recede, and you pile on the pounds, the well starts to dry up. Being far below average in the looks department doesn't help, neither does being socially awkward and broke.

I relied on memories of

the cucumber mishap

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The Webcam Model's Secret

I was a simple girl that had everything going in the right directions, in life. A good paying career, a nice house, and a sexy boyfriend. Too sexy. My Leo. Leo and I had been dating for two years and nine months. Me and Leo has had a lot of ups and downs in the short time I've known him, but I have never stopped loving him. Even after discovery his latest secret. 

A few months ago, I and Leo were going through a tough time in our relationship. Naturally our sex life together becam

the webcam model's secret

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Between the Lines Ch. 05

* Larry *

I awaken in the dim early morning light to the comforting sensation of a strong pair of arms holding me, a firm masculine chest pressed against my back, and the unmistakable prod of morning wood against my backside. A familiar scent steals into my nostrils: Aramis. I sigh with content and nestle back into Ron's arms.

Wait. Not Ron. Ron is...

The events of the previous evening come rushing back. I gasp and fling myself out of the bed, then

between the lines

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The Handyman Ch. 11: September 2010

"I shoulda gone out to do the fishin' today. It's a great fishin' day."

"You fished Sunday to free up today—and you brought in a big catch that day."

"I don't think this is a good idea."

"You've been thinking this was a good idea for a couple of weeks. You couldn't help but show your interest when I mentioned it. I bet you've been hard ever since."

"I don't like comin' in to Shernhaven harbor. I said I'd never—"

"You're d

the handyman september 2010

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The Handyman Ch. 06: 1995

Driving into the north end of town and turning onto the Upper Head road to rise to the top of the bluff where the three rambling old mansions stood, Eddie Geer wondered why it had taken him so long to visit Shernhaven. He'd always been told that the small, harbor village where his English ancestors had settled in America three hundred and fifty-five years ago was picture perfect and worth a visit. It was less than twenty miles from Boston and he'd traveled the world, but this was his first visit

the handyman 1995

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Along the Shore Ch. 02

Chapter 2: The Boy in the Lake

As I swallowed my cum, the reality of everything had set in. The sensual cloud that made me lick up my own seed had faded and I realized that he wasn't focused on me like I had hoped. Instead he had focused on the man that was vigorously plowing his sweet hole. I kept watching until they finished, they lay on top of each other until they got up the strength to get up and walk back to their home. Their bodies were both tanned and in s

along the shore

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The Handyman Ch. 10: August 2010

It was so dark and the waves near the shore were so choppy that Tab had difficulty seeing the little beach on the ocean side of the Lower Head lighthouse, and he almost was at the entrance into the Shernhaven harbor before he got his bearings. He brought the motorboat he'd borrowed from Keith Dodson in to land as close as he dared, dropped the anchor, and slipped over the side of the boat and into the water with his bag of tools hung around his neck.

It was a tiring swim to the li

the handyman august 2010

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The Handyman Ch. 03: 1740–50

Crashing through the undergrowth of the tropical trees in the hot, humid air, Kweku fought to understand where he'd gone wrong. It wasn't his fault that Nana Opuku Ware, the Ashanti King, favored him, a by-blow, over the son who would be king, Okyere.

Kweku had overheard Okyere whining to the king, telling him that Kweku was revealing to the Dutch team camped out on the river bank the locations of the locations of the gold digs the Ashanti had concealed between the Ankobra and Vo

the handyman 1740–50

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