The Retreat Ch. 05

Author's note:

Real life got into the way of my stories. Please make suggestion in the comments area. So far I have had some interesting feedback.


I woke up spooning with Mike, he was gently stroking my cock. He was sleep humming in my ear. I felt his hot breath on and in my ear. He had his other hand close to my face so I sucked his forefinger, which he moving in and out. I pretended it was his cock and twirle

the retreat

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Jon and Chris' Trip to the Cabin Pt. 03

Jon woke up in the late morning, finding the bed empty. He thought his head would hurt worse from all the liquor, but it wasn't bad. Maybe gay sex is a hangover cure, he laughed to himself. His ass was sore, but more of a numb ache than the sharp pain of last night. 

Jon heard the water run in the bathroom, and Chris came out, still naked from the night before. He saw Jon was awake.

"Hey, sorry, did I wake you?" Chris asked.

"No, I just woke up."

jon and chris' trip the cabin

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The Slave of Barrington Manor Ch. 01

The black flag billowing above the school entrance stirred up feelings of confusion and dread as I walked into the courtyard. Black wasn't a very popular color for flags, it was dark and aggressive. It swept gently over the heads of the students as they filed inside, a few of the taller boys swatting it out of the way. It bore a simple design. A large white capital B lay in the middle of the flag with a white circle surrounding it. Initially confused, I then remembered what date it was, February

the slave barrington manor

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Jon and Chris' Trip to the Cabin Pt. 02

Jon grabbed the scotch, and they headed inside. They grabbed towels, and Chris started toweling Jon down. Jon was a little surprised, but enjoyed the rub down, and returned the favor. They rubbed each other's bodies, and Jon was stiffening up from the soft towel and rough treatment. He was surprised; normally it took at least a half hour to get hard again. But the combination of getting rubbed down, doing some rubbing himself, and the taboo nature of the whole thing had him horny and excited. He

jon and chris' trip the cabin

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The Island Ch. 06

Author's note:

This is a story involving gay male sex. Please feel free to comment. I hope this series is being enjoyed. Thank you for your time.


Matt woke up to a feeling that his cock in a warm, wet hole that was sucking him. He looked down and saw both Gary and Joseph suckling his cook. They looked up at him and smiled.

He smiled, "I guess you guys woke up before me."

the island

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Can't Hide the Truth Anymore Ch. 03

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I have enjoyed bringing Gage and Devin to life and hope you enjoy the next chapters. This one is shorter, but the next chapter is coming very quickly after. 


Gage's POV

The next week was a blur of activity for Devin and me. It was basketball season and between the practices, the workouts, the extra workouts with Jack and getting ready for the first game, we barely saw each other.

can't hide the truth anymore

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It's the Buzz that Matters!

Author's note.

There's a narrow line between being bi and gay and I am on that line. As are most of my stories so I am never sure what category they should be.

Hope I don't offend anyone.


Bi, Gay or Fuck Knows What? It's the buzz that matters.

I visit a gay sauna and wow!

The building in Shoreditch in East London was a maze of different rooms set on three floors. But then I supposed it had to b

it's the buzz that matters!

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The Island Ch. 04

Author's note: Sorry I took so long. Life got into the way.


Seth woke up with Greg's arms around his waist. Greg was taller than Seth by about four inches and he was well into 6 feet 3 inches. He snuggled his back into Greg's chest and moaned slightly as he pulled him gently closer. Seth got up and walked to their kitchen; he looked around and found some fruit that was newly picked. He took an apple, walked outside into the warm breeze,

the island

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Emerson and the Lion Ch. 06

Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate comments and input. 


{Emerson Part 6}

Samir seemed comfortable with me in his lap. I wasn't leaving there. It was where Ali put me when he went off to meet up with Izem. Caleb suggested we go to the waterpark, take our mind off of things and enjoy our last hours of freedom here. Ali had said no. He said it wouldn't take too long to wrap things up with Izem and he wanted me safe in one spot.

emerson and the lion

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If I Had the Balls

To preface: I am straight; not kinda straight, not bi-curious, not attracted to the male physique in even the slightest - I am straight. I have a wonderful, beautiful girlfriend who satiates my every sexual craving; however, I have fantasized for many years lately about being dominated by a man. Being a Marine infantryman and a combat veteran, having worked in law enforcement and as a government contractor, I have always held a very dominant mentality which can grow old and stale; at times, I wa

had the balls

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