Confessions of a Teen Gay Escort Ch. 05

There are three things I'm often asked when people find out I'm an escort:

1) Do you have a boyfriend? (followed by) Does he know you do this?

To which I answer: yes, I do have a boyfriend (more on him later) and yes, he does know and approve. He's even referred some customers to me.

2) Do you enjoy the sex?

Oh god yes. I enjoy sex in general, if I didn't do it for money it would be my main hobby. I love the look on a fifty-something g

confessions teen gay escort

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Cute Gay Picks Up a Straight Teen

Brad had turned 18 years old a few months before and he had sex with Marilyn an older girl who was known to put out. She did it all and she took Brad's virginity and before they were done he had experienced vaginal, oral and anal sex. It had been a full day of sex since her parents were gone all day. He never bragged about his first time and his current girlfriend Susan never found out. Brad and Susan often petted and had played with each other but they had never had intercourse. They were just 

cute gay picks straight teen

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