Did It For The Team Ch. 06

Dave and Jason dove on the other side of the bed to hide their nakedness from the unexpected visitor who had just barged into our room without knocking.

The coach spied me in my towel and gave me a once over and then flashed his winning smile. The coach's massive frame filled the open doorway. His gaze zeroed in on me standing mid-room, all but naked except for the towel around my waist. He gave me a once over and flashed his intoxicating smile.

"I'm glad I caught y

did for the team

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Away Team

I run my own demo and remodeling business. I like working for myself; I live in an area that sees lots of remodels so I'm kept busy. My wife and I have been together ten years; two kids under five keep us hopping. I work long hours, but take breaks to come home for dinner or bedtime. When a clerical error cost me a few months without insurance for the worksite I had to scramble to find a contractor I could work under.

My wife's brother-in-law's cousin has a similar business; he of

away team

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