Taliban Concubine Ch. 04

Zayd again...using my mouth for his pleasure.

I have grown so lonely in my solitary confinement I look forward to his visits...in fact, I don't know how or why, but I have developed an uncanny sense for anticipating his arrival.

Every morning I awake seconds before I hear the door creak open. I am already on my knees, back straight, head held high, when he wordlessly stands before me and raises the hem of his garment exposing himself to me in the dim light of early

taliban concubine

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Taliban Concubine Ch. 03

My mouth was filled with warm, throbbing cock-flesh, but my gaze was trained on Sparkle-Eyes. I wasn't staring at him really; it was more surreptitious glances now and again. 

He was sitting a few feet away watching me suck his men's cocks with a bemused expression on his face, a wistful look in his eyes.

That he was going to miss me when he handed me over to the Drug Lord was obvious; but there was something else going on inside him, too.

He had gro

taliban concubine

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