Tales Of A Cheating Husband Ch. 02

I like to think I'm like most guys in that we all have a panty fetish. Mine began when I was a teen playing with any panties I could get my hands on. To be honest not much has changed as I got older, just the people whose panties I play with. I have played with many including Ex wife's, her sisters, my sisters, my mums, my wife's mum, girlfriends mums etc., but this is a story about how I was caught playing with a mates wife's panties.

A few years ago I was asked by my mate to sit

tales cheating husband

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Tales of the City Ch. 02

The dough was soft and stuck to my hands. I added some flour from the open container beside me, continuing to knead it. The brick ovens behind me threw heat out carelessly, bathing my back in their warmth. I wiped my brow with the back of my forearm as I tried not to drip into the dough. Some perspiration in the soon-to-be crust was inevitable, but, as they say, the best bread contains the sweat of its maker. I thickened it until it was about the right consistency, then spread it out some, ready

tales the city

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