A Tale as Old as Time

Chapter One

To have an idyllic childhood in a small Texas town, all you have to is love God, love guns, and hate gays. Loving God was easy. I was raised in the Church, I didn't know any other way.

Loving guns was hard. I didn't like loud noises. And, I couldn't kill anything. If I had given it any thought, I'd have been a vegetarian. But, I bit the bullet, so to speak, and became a crack shot. I massacred clay pigeons.

Hating gays was hardest. My mo

tale old time

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Jim and Al: A Man's Tale

The story you about to read is 100% true. Only the names have changed.

I stood in the shower, letting the tepid water flow across my face and down my chest. This heat and humidity had become so bad that taking a hot shower just meant that you would be sweating before you dried afterward.

I ran my hands down my chest and belly, spreading the shower gel over myself before going to work on lathering up. The touch of my own hand, running over my 50 yo sixpack, ma

jim and man's tale

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A Cumbuck's Tale Ch. 07

Please be forewarned that this chapter contains nonconsenual sex.

Chapter 7 -- Nothing Left to Lose

The Bird Nest tavern sat on a prime spot where Merath's mercantile piers abutted the warehouse district. The tavern was built over the water and men had to climb stairs to reach it, but once there they could sit on wide wooden decks and look out over the docks and river to keep an eye on both their vessels and the traffic, of which there was plenty. Look

cumbuck's tale

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A Cumbuck's Tale Ch. 08

Chapter 8 -- For What It's Worth

The address Glauvas gave him led Cam to an older neighborhood with narrow alleys shadowed by window gardens that dripped greenery and orange flowers. Flowers could not mask the faint odor of sewage and rot from the stagnant canals he crossed on bridges of stairs. The non-descript building presented a plain face to the street, but the door was of solid wood with a small shuttered window. When Cam knocked, someone opened the shutter to look th

cumbuck's tale

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An Erotic Tale Ch. 04

This story is a continuation from the series "An Erotic Tale". To get a better understanding of these characters, it is best to read the previous 3 installments in the series.

This story is fictional and for entertainment purposes only.

Remember, knowledge is power! Educate yourself. Always practice safe sex!


The Monday following that amazing weekend sp

erotic tale

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A Cumbuck's Tale Ch. 04

Chapter 4 -- Claimed By A Smuggler Chief

Cam's heart beat faster when he looked over his shoulder and caught Ralen gazing in his direction. The smuggler's eyes followed him the way those of a man who owns a watering hole might watch a wild horse he meant to capture. He gave Cam food and solitude and did nothing to scare him. But the man could also be sure his quarry would eventually approach the water, lower its head, and drink. That Ralen liked his looks and wanted to use

cumbuck's tale

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The Courtier's Tale Ch. 02

Marcel was doing his best to appear attentive as Anna gossiped heavily about her neighbours in the surrounding barony. Elizabeth's harp chimed beautifully beneath her pretty fingers, while giving out occasional discordant notes. David spoke softly to her, instructing and correcting the young woman in a low soothing voice that did not carry. A perfect compliment to the sitting rooms of any aristocratic house. Marcel flicked his eyes over the Irishman as covertly as possible. The man would've been

the courtier's tale

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A Cumbuck's Tale Ch. 02

A Cumbuck's Tale, Ch. 02

Please be forewarned that in addition to heavy male/male erotic content, this chapter contains nonconsensual sex.

Chapter 2 – And Taste Like Heaven

The first thing Cam saw when his senses returned was a man's hard face, a Staubaun face, gold-haired and beardless with dark piercing eyes, a nose that was once-broken, and a mouth so perfectly shaped he couldn't stop staring at it. When he did, he saw how how

cumbuck's tale

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A Cumbuck's Tale Ch. 03

A Cumbuck's Tale, Ch. 03

Please be forewarned that in addition to heavy male/male erotic content, this chapter contains nonconsensual sex.

Chapter 3 -- Gonners

No, Mother, please. Cam pleaded silently, his mind seizing upon prayers as the only help that remained to him. Lord Penargos is too big! That thing'll kill me for sure!

Ralen had restored the drop-shelf, so that Cam's head was again on a level w

cumbuck's tale

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The Teller Tale

I hope you like my new story. Just so you know I haven't given up on my other stories but I needed something to ease me back into writing.


Athilica's cry resounded through the villa, loud and piercing in the quiet of the early dawn. Aodhan sat bolt upright in bed, his heart pounding painfully in his chest as his eyes searched frantically in the dark. He instinctively reached out to rouse Maria and found her side of the bed cold and empty. A stab of fear

the teller tale

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