Taken Before My Fiancée's Eyes

Dedicated to twerpedbyjulie

My parents grew up in the Sixties, and though I was born in 1972, I felt as if I grew up in the Sixties, too. Every time I did something bad, Mama told me I was "screwing up my karma." I knew "peace & love" long before I knew "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America..."

I was an only child, but I had a sibling. On a tour of Africa, my parents adopted Carvel from an orphanage in Ivory Coast (or

taken before fiancée's eyes

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Twice Taken

"So, you are here to audition for my movies," Mr. S said to me as I entered the living room to the hotel suite. He was the director of Ruby Bulb films, and I'd been waiting for weeks to see him, as he only gave two auditions a day. I could tell which one was the big director immediately when I came into the room, as he was a Big Daddy Warbucks type, all height and big bones and muscles, and no hair. The other two men in the room were holding movie cameras and were looking a little disheveled and

twice taken

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Taken by My Boy Ch. 02

Since the day of the rape in my own house, outraged and bum-fucked by a trio of bitter students, my world had turned upside-down. My whole mind-set. Everything I knew about fucking and love. All I knew about anything had changed. 

Even worse, even more titanic, I made the world's worst mistake--while gang-raped, I thought I recognized my own son Aaron, a college sophomore, as one of the masked bastards, and I waited for revenge when he came home later without the mask.

taken boy

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