Sail to the Sun Ch. 05

I wasn't quite so anxious for a session with the young blond after the brutalization by the older man. I was sore and exhausted from having been taken by three men already that day—and the tension of the near miss on being taken by many more. I needn't have worried, though, When the young man was shown into my cell and the door had clanged shut behind him, my world took a strange turn in a way that had never happened to me before.

He came over close to where I was lying back on th

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Sail to the Sun Ch. 08

Life was little different in the mansion hugging the snow-clad mountainside at Snowshoe than it was in Hoagie's inn. Less demanding—in terms of service both at table and in the bed—and the surroundings certainly more sumptuous. But very little different in terms of feeling owned and controlled—and isolated, all alone in the world. I cursed Buddy nearly daily for having shown me a glimpse of what could be. I was far better off before that.

I wasn't the only house staff member there

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Sail to the Sun Ch. 01

[This is a completed eight-chapter novella, with chapters posting twice a week and the work completed posting by the middle of May 2011]

The room was smoky, and with the spot on me, I couldn't see much farther than the first row of men, all leaning over the edge of the stage. Men with bulging biceps bursting out of muscle shirts. Tattoos running up and down their arms. Leering and cheering and singing to me. Challenging me, daring me, begging me to take off

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Sail to the Sun Ch. 03

Hoagie kept me close. I had a windowless room in the basement of the inn, across from the room Hoagie kept for himself down the corridor off the wings of the small stage in the club room. Hoagie's room—and mine—were beyond the six small cells, three to a side, off the corridor.

The room was fine with me—it was no worse, and better in most respects—than the space I had been given by the men who owned me in Thailand—with the exception of the small apartment the young pilot had taken

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Fun in the Sun

It was Monday the 5th of July. I was just passing the Shell station when I called him. He said he'd be there when I got there. I got scared, and thought about turning around, but realized that it would be the end. I wouldn't be able to call him again if I did. I kept going. He wasn't there when I arrived. 

I parked carefully, as I had the wife's car. I waited by the picnic tables, and 2 minutes later, he appeared. I got in via the back, and finally folded myself into the front sea

fun the sun

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Cock in the Sun

We lay naked on the beach enjoying the fell of the sun on our bodies. What was unusual was that with Neville and myself was my wife someone who had never before made any effort to come to the nude beach. She wasn't naked since she wore a thong but she was topless and her breasts had that shade of white that meant she had never exposed them before to the sun. After her discovery of us after the wrestling match she had not said anything but had taken Neville aside and had made sure that she had ta

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We Loved the Silent Sun Ch. 02

Chapter Two: The Party 

The first thing that I thought of when I woke was Julian. Hannah woke me up at noon, she had made some breakfast for us. It was cold now.

"Whatcha do last night," she said, smiling but looking intensely at me. I feared she knew about Julian. Like she had followed me or something.

"Nothing, you know just... walk around," I said.

"Oh, you do like to do that," averting he eyes down to her phone.

loved the silent sun

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