Submitting To Vincent Ch. 01

The following story is fictional (this includes names as well), and it happens to be my first, so feedback will be greatly appreciated. My idea was to set up the scenario as quickly as possible. I hope that this story gets you hot.

The name is Max. I'm nineteen years old, and I feel ashamed that I'm still a virgin. That was until I met him, and my life took a U turn.......and I never looked back after that.

Working out at the gym five times a

submitting vincent

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Submitting to Master Ch. 02

I swallowed all of his come trying not to gag too much. He pulled me up to my feet and placed his lips on mine again, making me even hornier...

As his lips kissed mine, my body pushed against his. I could not believe how horny I was for this man. He pulled my head away from his and looked into my eyes with a knowing smile.

"From now on you are my bitch, do you understand?" He asked.

"Yes Master," I replied, knowing it was the truth.


submitting master

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Submitting to Master

I was sitting alone again just like every other night lately. Somehow I felt the urge to put on my favorite red panties again. As they slid over my cock I couldn't help but be aroused. Ever since I was a young man I have felt the need to wear panties and nylons. Being 40 and recently divorced, I now had more than enough free time to indulge myself. Grabbing a glass of wine I sat at the computer planning on surfing the web and eventually jerking myself to ecstasy. Checking my favorite sites and e

submitting master

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