Gym Submission Ch. 01

Usual disclaimers, though if you are already browsing stories on this site, you must have an idea what you're getting into by now. ;-) 

This story contains Male/Male sex and Dominant/Submissive themes, so if this is a problem . . . wave off!

This story is fictional story based on a fantasy of mine. While it is fiction, I did use myself and locations I knew as a basis. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send your thoughts, dirty as they no doubt are. It's always

gym submission

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Clinical Trial in Submission Ch. 03

Master Dom put on his robe and left the room without further comment. I remained strapped to the chair, although my wrists were free. Within a minute or two, the attendant who had attached the electro devices to me appeared. Without saying a word, he pressed controls on the chair and tilted it back to where my ass was once again exposed. He removed the steel dildo from my ass, ridding me of the last connection to the electric shock control box. 

I breathed a sigh of relief, only t

clinical trial submission

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Sissy's BBC Submission

Chapter 1 - First Contact

"Tyler! Snap out of it - you're staring again, and he's noticed!" Jack's voice whispered hoarsely in Tyler's ear as the hot water from the shower drummed across his back.

There were just the three of them left in the shower now. Basketball practise had been over for more than half an hour and the most of the players were showered and dressed and out the door, heading home for dinner. A few of the seniors were still dressing

sissy's bbc submission

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Ren's Submission

Hey guys! I decided to write something different. One of my Dom friend requested that i write her a fanfic, so here i am.

For those of you who don't know, Dramatical Murder is a gay yaoi game where the main character Aoba and his dog Ren face difficulties and also, lots and lots of sex.

Ren is a robot dog in simple terms, with an incredibly deep voice. He can also turn into a human.

This is not bestiality, nor do I encourage it.


ren's submission

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From Straight to Gay Submission


A straight engaged college guy becomes a submissive cocksucker to a dominant black man.

Note: This is a story based (remotely true) on a request from a fan. It is my first attempt at writing gay male fiction. The story is a little extreme, so if that offends you please stop reading now. If it doesn't, I hope you enjoy.

Note 2: Of course, all participants over the age of 18.


Life was pretty normal. I was

from straight gay submission

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Seduction, Submission and Surrender

This is the story of another time. The Vietnam war was tearing the country apart and young people were beginning to throw off the outdated rules of a society. The year was 1969 and the place was Boulder Colorado where two young men met and embraced their homosexuality. It is also a story of dominance and submission and the myriad emotions these roles bring forth in men as they seek to find their own place in the world. And ultimately it is a story of love between two men.

I wou

submission and surrender

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2053: Submission

It glistened in the neon twilight that filtered in through the dirty windows overlooking Union Square. Waves of excitement washed over Martin leaving his face flush and his appendages swollen and heavy. His antique denim pants felt tight now and he summoned all his will to keep from tearing them off.

"Hey." The gravelly soft voice came from the nude shape on the sofa. His face was cast like a bas relief in slight blue hues and the rest in magenta and red.

"I hope th


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Clinical Trial in Submission Ch. 02

I took the head of Master Dom's tool in my mouth, my first taste of cock. Rather than feeling revulsion, I was intrigued by the contrast between the softness of the spongy head and the hardness of the shaft just below the head. I took a little more cock in, careful to keep my teeth in check. As I took more than half his thick length in, Master Dom moaned softly, "Yes, that's right, slave. You like that big cock in your mouth don't you?"

"Uhmmm hmmm," I hummed my affirmative answer

clinical trial submission

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