Stranger on a Beach

I have always enjoyed being nude. As a child my parents had a difficult time keeping a swimsuit on me in the summer. In fact, our family often skinny-dipped together on camping trips. I was fascinated by sleeping nude; feeling the cold cotton sheets against my skin. As a teenager, I loved going for bike rides in the country, swimming nude in a gravel pit pond and sunbathing on its banks. Occasionally a friend and I would explore the woods near our homes, and each other, in the innocent play of t

stranger beach

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Another Beach, Another Stranger

I was staying in a condo, sharing it with a co-worker during the summer of 1996. He had gone golfing and I wanted to work on my tan. I had brought various bathing suits with me, including several thongs. Thongs, especially on males, were not worn on the main beach, so I put on a gray thong and pulled on a pair of shorts over them. Taking my beach towel and another, I grabbed my fanny-pack (With suntan oil and other necessities) and walked down the path from the condos to the beach. Once there, I

another another stranger

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I had been really looking forward to this evening. About a week earlier I had got an email from this guy on an adult website. He lived pretty close to me, and was also interested in meeting up with a like minded individual for some no strings attached arse fucking. Well, this was what I was into, so I replied and agreed to meet up. Over the next few days we exchanged details, he was a South African who had come over here several years ago and he worked for the local council. He was actually gay,


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Stranger Than Non-Fiction

(True Story)

I was lost in the land of nowhere a few months ago, well I guess you can say North of Pennsylvania. I was traveling on a hitch hiking road trip, walking, and of course hitching a ride to where I wanted, in what ever the amount of time. You might not think it's a good idea, but it was a great idea for me at the time, I needed to get away from my friends, family, and ex girlfriend.

I guess you could say that the story officially picks up when I got picke

stranger than non-fiction

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Perfect Stranger

I met him in an online chat room and within 20 minutes we were telling each other our deepest secrets and which way we preferred to get or give sex. I think it was my suggestion to go over to his place, but he was not against the idea and before you knew it I was scribbling his address and door code on the pad next to the computer. 

It took me all of 10 minutes to drive over and another 3 to get into the building and up to his condo. Within those short minutes in the elevator I ha

perfect stranger

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