Strange Encounters

This is my first erotic story and the first part of a series.


I woke with a huge hardon. As I remembered my dream, I began fondling myself. Stacey and Ann were varying between licking my testicles and sliding their mouths up and down my shaft. Every so often they would exchange spit from mouth to mouth and suck on each other's tongues. While thinking of what I had just dreamt, I hadn't even noticed that I began masturbating, and within no time, I shot a hug

strange encounters

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Very Strange Feelings

Luke tried to ignore the images flashing in his head, but his willpower was considered an outright failure since morning. Even as Brenda, his girlfriend of the same age, kept her primary focus on the new music from her favorite pop singers, the nineteen-year-old Korean man struggled to pay attention to her exact words. She expressed opinions and he couldn't discredit them. His mind wouldn't let him disregard fantasies involving her best friend's boyfriend.

Dorothy had already met

very strange feelings

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Doing a Client a Strange Favor Ch. 03


On Monday morning Conner was up early as he planned to work out before starting the business day. He would be working out of the Moores house that day so he had time for a work out and a healthy breakfast first. He rolled his muscular legs out of bed and when he stood up he was sporting a morning erection. He didn't have to pee as he normally did probably because he had gone a few times during the night. He rubbed his stiff dick through the sleep shorts as he walked t

doing client strange favor

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Doing a Client a Strange Favor


Conner woke up Saturday with a morning erection and he rolled over expecting to find Tyler but the bed was empty. Conner was disappointed that Tyler had already left he bed as he would have loved fucking that curvy ass first thing that morning. He reached down and took a hold of his 7+: thick cock and stroked it slowly. He thought back to last night when he had fucked Tyler three times without removing his cock. They had been at it for hours and it was Tyler who was curiou

doing client strange favor

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