Straight Cop Loses Control

Straight Cop Loses Control

Gulf Coast Trooper craves the bottomI was a little dizzy as I pushed back his foreskin with my tongue and lips, and his cockhead slipped across my tongue and deep into my mouth. Musky taste. Male. Oh, it was so fine to take him into my mouth, to suck that dick.

Big cockhead. Wide flare. Reminded me of a guy I sucked a few weeks back. His cockhead was so broad, he had me screaming when he punched in, and the sadist

straight cop loses control

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Curiosity Fucked the Straight Guy

Editor's Note: this story contains incest content.

NOTE 1: A special thank you to Estragon and Goamz86 for editing this lengthy multi-chaptered journey.

Curiosity: Fucked the Straight Guy

I can't explain for the life of me when I suddenly became curious. I mean I am 44 and have never found any man remotely attractive. Oh sure, I can tell when a man is good looking, the same way I am sure my wife knows when a woman is

curiosity fucked the straight guy

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Straight Football Mates Ch. 01

*Please note this story is based on my own true story, for the purpose of this I have changed the names and slightly altered the story however for the most part it remains true.*

Justin and Andy had known each other since they we're both 11 when they started in the same class at high school, they had the same interests in football, school pranks and girls. Neither of them we're particularly academic but both had a love for sports and P.E. class.

straight football mates

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Straight Bear Cabin Ch. 01

Me and and my pal Brian decided to take a vacation trip out to this national park over in Mississippi. We rented a cabin, got our gear together, and packed up that Sunday morning.

Now, Brian was a big fella. Pretty gruff, big belly, hairy arms, stocky and strong, thick brown goatee. To say the least, he was intimidating. Pretty much the poster child for masculinity. I wasn't particularly small myself- I was a bigger guy too, thicker beard, also strong... but Brian was an alpha mal

straight bear cabin

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Confessions of a Straight Going Gay

This memoir has been on my mind for a long, long time. I think it may be a common story. I’m always reading these days about bi curious guys. There’s a chat room I visit where the guys talk about how they would like to try sucking dick. Some may never try, and just get off talking about it, but many are genuinely curious about the fantasy they have in their head. And I remember the days long ago when even the straight porn then talked about horny straight guys innocently or accidentally trying h

confessions straight going gay

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From Straight Virgin to Gay Bitch

I was 18 when I lost my cherry. Not in the normal way, not in the boy meets girl kind of way. That didn't happen until I was 22, and was a total let down compared to my real first. His name was Scott, he was tall, dark and had a tight firm body. My first girl was chubby and drunk and I didn't quite catch her name. Still before I met Scott I was very straight and have never been with a guy since, maybe I never will but I really hope I do again, as I rate my first sexual relationship as the best s

from straight virgin gay bitch

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From Straight to Gay Submission


A straight engaged college guy becomes a submissive cocksucker to a dominant black man.

Note: This is a story based (remotely true) on a request from a fan. It is my first attempt at writing gay male fiction. The story is a little extreme, so if that offends you please stop reading now. If it doesn't, I hope you enjoy.

Note 2: Of course, all participants over the age of 18.


Life was pretty normal. I was

from straight gay submission

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I Thought I was Straight

Summary: A straight white football player submits to big black roommate.

NOTE 1: This is a Nude Day 2012 contest story so please enjoy and vote. Also, the story is based on ongoing nudity that slowly weakens the straight roommate's resolve and not actually Nude Day itself.

NOTE 2: Thanks to Estragon for copy-editing and catching a couple plot flaws in the original draft and LaRascasse for plot suggestions.

thought was straight

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Straight Musician Turned Gay Whore

Something weird happened last night and I am very conflicted about it. I've been traveling across the country with my band and we've been crashing in people's houses along the way. They're small shows, we're barely breaking even financially and if we can keep that up it will be a huge success. Our fan base is growing so that's cool. Sadly there are not a lot of girls among them. They're mostly college guys, frat guys, which is counter our own punk lifestyles but so long as they like the music, w

straight musician turned gay whore

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Straight To Bi the First Day 02


Steve woke up the next morning with his normal piss hard-on. He remained in his bed for a few minutes and recalled his first day at school. He had gotten a hand job from the school doctor and then met his gay roommate. Not in his wildest dreams did he ever think that he would have sex with another guy but he had to admit it wasn't that bad. In fact it was very good. Jeremy was an excellent cock sucker and he had an ass to die for. Jeremy was every bit a

straight the first day

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