Stop the World to Get a Better View Ch. 01-02


Ferrante Architectual Solutions--Monday

Greg Ferrante was working feverishly on plans for the condominiums/hotel/special-themed amusement park complex he was designing in Las Vegas. He was working on it for weeks, revising where needed and will send the owner and developers the computerized draught by the end of the week. This project would ensure his prominence in the architectural community. It was close to noon, the spring sunlight flowed through the

stop the world get better view 01-02

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Stop the World to Get a Better View Ch. 05

When Greg returned home at nearly 2:00 a.m. he was completely drained and went directly to bed sleeping well until noon on Sunday. He was more than satisfied with the male action last night yet he missed Ryan so much; he never expected to meet someone like him! Greg threw on shorts and a t-shirt, laced up his sneakers and went jogging in Central Park. When Greg returned after an hour he grabbed some juice before heading into the shower. The refreshing feel of the water on his damp, sweaty hair a

stop the world get better view

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Stop the World to Get a Better View Ch. 06


Monday just before noon-present day

Matthew Hunter woke up rather late in the day, he worked through the wee hours of the morning in his home office on plans for major renovation on an outdated wing of a major NYC museum. He'd received revisions and worked them out accordingly and would continue working on them to make sure he was satisfied then would send them out at the end of the week before the deadline. He also updated and tweaked his professional w

stop the world get better view

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Stop Playing With Your Food

Terran watched the Reskers leave, smiling and waving pleasantly as he bid them farewell. Lenny stood by his side, seeming much more anxious than he to be left alone in his parents' condo for the week. The two of them had been hired as housekeepers while the couple celebrated their anniversary in France. They had been unwilling at first to allow Lenny to keep his eccentric friend in the house, but they caved in after a time.

This left the two in the large apartment alone. There wer

stop playing with your food

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Stop the World to Get a Better View Ch. 03


While Carl and Paul were beginning their new lives together, Greg seriously contemplated what Carl had said to him about his failure to "come out" to his family and friends. Greg wasn't sure exactly what he wanted to do, he detested the idea of labels and what society attached to them. He couldn't figure out why he became attracted to Kathleen after being with Carl for several years and why, if he truly loved Carl, why didn't he want the entire world to know? Greg mi

stop the world get better view

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Rest Stop Ch. 02

"My truck's just over here," the trucker said. He led me over to a huge semi with a large cabin behind the driving compartment. He opened the door to this cabin, and I saw that there was a short-lengthened twin-sized bed in it along with some shelves, a compact john, and a small refrigerator and cooking unit. The bed was covered with pillows and there were shiny hold bars on the cabin wall at either end of the bed.

"There, stretch yourself up on those pillows and get comfortable,"

rest stop

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Rest Stop Big Rig BJ

I was online and horny as usual. Tonight I had posted a message on a gay cruising .org kindda site indicating that I wanted to suck a man's cock really bad as soon as possible. My profile indicates that I am a bottom and that I love to suck cock. My profile pictures there of me in action reinforce that fact along with a couple of testimonials from men who I have been very well pleased with my abilities to pleasure men sexually. 

My mouth had been literally watering for the taste o

rest stop big rig

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