Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 03

We woke from our nap and were hungry as hell. Steve whipped up some bacon and eggs, but they couldn't match the "cock with wine." Ha, Ha.

A couple of hours later my cock was again ready for action and I could now bury it in Steve's love tunnel. The anticipation of fucking a man's asshole, especially my loves gorgeous love tunnel got me breathing so hard I thought I would faint. Steve rubbed some lube on his hole and on my cock. He asked if I wanted to take doggie style or with his

cum lover and steve

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Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 02

Steve is returning tomorrow, eight months and at least 30 love packets later. Despite having a fairly steady girlfriend, I still needed cock and had other adventures in his absence. However, I only thought and dreamed of him, our love sealed with the boxes of cum.

I am on my way to the airport to pick him up. My dick is hard and my breathing is rapid. I park and go to the international arrivals, attempting to cover the bulge in my pants. When he comes out I lose control and kiss h

cum lover and steve

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Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 01

I will first give a little background as to how I fell in love with cum and later Steve. For many years I had been self sucking and savoring quarts of my own cum. I had occasionally fantasized about sucking another cock but never really thought I would since I had a fairly regular girlfriend.

However, she went away for the summer. I then attended a few wild parties in her absence and got quite excited by some of the girls in their skimpy garments, but being as shy as I was nothing

cum lover and steve

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Adam and Steve

Part of the 'Butt Monkey' series of stories by Robert Furlong


A few months after Linda had left me, when it was becoming clear even to me that my ex-wife wasn't coming back, I'd signed up to become a member of a couple of online dating sites in the hope that I might yet meet my soul mate. The endeavour had proven largely fruitless as the women who responded to my ad would either turn out to have an aversion towards children-from-a-previous-relationship or

adam and steve

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Steve and the Black Man

The email arrived. Steve licked his lips in anticipation. "Love your pic," it read, "Would really like to suck your cock." Steve smiled, felt his cock harden. He replied to the email, told the guy his address and what time to be there. 

Once the guy had replied, Steve showered. He looked down at his seven inch cock and smiled, he began to rub it, felt it growing hard in his hand and then he jacked it, slow and steady. Pleasure rose through his wet body. He ran his free hand over h

steve and the black man

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