A Special Night at Bill's

I had seen Bill for massages several times. On each of those occasions we had ended with me sucking him while he brought me off with his hands. I called him one day for an appointment and he said that he had a possible opening in the evening but only if I did not mind another man being there at the same time. I asked him what he had in mind but all he would say was that he felt I would enjoy it and that the other participant would certainly be happy with the idea. Knowing him as I did I agreed t

special night bill's

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B-6 Cowboy Special

My eyes just about rolled up into my head when I came on duty and Leon handed me a ticket for a B-6 Cowboy Special.

"I might have to take something to reload this fast unless they're all content with a mouth job, Leon," I said as I stripped and started to pour myself into the cowboy costume.

"Naw, that's why I saved that ticket for you," Leon said with a short little laugh. "You've got the reputation for keepin' it hard the longest of any we've got on the rolls. It'

b-6 cowboy special

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