The Blossom in the Snow Pt. 03

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Late in the night, gentle swaying mixed with the gentle crunch of snow underfoot stirred me away. I opened my eyes slowly, looking up the arm of a leather jacket, until I met his eyes. The shine of moonlight and streetlamps against the snow gave his tan face a slight silvery glow, gl

the blossom the snow

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Snow Trap

Boyd had been leery of the arrangement from the very beginning, but he hadn't said anything to his father about it. His father seemed so happy about having found Vic, one of Boyd's college prep school coaches, two years after Aaron, his former lover, had died. Boyd would much rather it had been anyone other than Vic, someone who Boyd hadn't known before Aaron died. But, when he was being honest with himself, Boyd realized that he had fancied Vic for himself.

That last year at the

snow trap

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Footprints in the Snow

"I have a cabin up at Massanutten. Why don't I give the key to that to you and you can go up there this weekend and just sack out?"

Reg3 was standing by my desk, having stopped in his periodic soaring through the offices, to notice that I was still in a morose mood. I was taken aback, though, both because he noticed and because he was suggesting that I could be two and a half hours away from Washington, D.C., at a snow-covered skiing resort, even on a weekend.

The w

footprints the snow

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