Six Hours in Singapore

This is the state I was in anyway, when I had to get on the plane to come home, not feeling too sad to be doing so, remembering all of this, the whole trip, but those moments of nakedness and sex, at the beach, in the house, the three of us naked and aroused, going to bed together, too tired to sleep, tangled up in each other, laying, sitting, rolling over, wobbling and shaking as one of us got up for water, to piss. I was looking forward to seeing Ilsa again, looking forward to climbing into be

six hours singapore

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Singapore Sling

Kyle was an adventuresome, inventive, strong-minded young man. In short, he was a smartass. He'd been raised by maids and chauffeurs, and he was spending his college freshman year abroad with the floating University of the Pacific not because he was brilliant—which, in some ways, he was—but because his parents didn't know what to do with him and better out of sight and mind than under foot and always getting into trouble at home, they thought.

For the most part, Kyle had always pr

singapore sling

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