Changing Sides

If I was honest I would admit that my wife was always the more adventurous of the two of us, both in life and in bed. She was the one who decided to sell up and move the UK to Spain. She also made most of the decisions about where we would settle and what she would do when we were settles. I had started a small online consultancy business about ten years ago and now could work from home anywhere in the world. She had run a clothes shop in the UK and now ran a small shop that catered for the many

changing sides

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Different Sides of the Same Coin

Max gets bullied every day for being who he is, but he is silently drawn to one of tormentors. Will he get to the truth behind the sad eyes of one of his unwitting bullies, and show him it's OK to be who you are? 


Snowballing, rimming, anal, M/M, oral, bareback


Different Sides of the Same Coin

Chapter 1

The carefree smile, that made his eyes dan

different sides the same coin

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