Hot Shower

"So you spent three weeks on horseback getting here? You must be literally both saddle sore and grimy, Graf Cederhielm. Well,we have a good remedy for both: a hot shower," beamed Colonel Riesenheim behind his large oak desk.

The colonel was rotund, surprisingly fat for a cavalry officer. I assumed he needed help to get in the saddle.

"You have a hot shower?" I asked, surprised. I had heard of them but never seen one, much less used one.

The colonel vi

hot shower

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Shower Time

"Do you think anyone on the team knows about us?" Sam asked his best friend.

"No way," Aaron replied. "How could they know?" Aaron asked.

"I don't know things have a way of getting out." Sam said.

"Will you just be quiet and take your shorts off," Aaron ordered Sam.

"Not even in the shower and you are ordering me around," Sam said with a smile.

"That's right, now get in there before I have to punish you." Aaron said as h

shower time

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Shower Power

I sat in my room, alone, browsing through the endless list of files being served on the local network. Most of the residence was quiet, it being a Saturday night and all. I had been invited out for drinks with the others but I turned it down, I'd had some homework I needed to finish for Monday. As I scanned down the list of files, one in particular caught my eye. 


I must confess I have a strange fetish for seeing two men having sex. I

shower power

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Jake Finds a Shower Buddy

I stayed after school to work out in the weight room as I did several times a week. I like to keep fit even though I am not on any of the organized teams. I'm a senior now, 18 years old, and we were just starting the Christmas break. The school was pretty much deserted since most of the kids lit out like jackrabbits as soon as the final bell rang. It was nice to have the weight room to myself for a change instead of waiting in line for the various pieces of equipment. I was working on the bench 

jake finds shower buddy

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Lindsay in the Shower Ch. 02

I had been at the sports academy for one year and was looking forward to spending time back in my home town. I had worked at a job there with a very accommodating and adventurous lady before I gained a scholarship. 

These plans came to nothing after I had spent the colder months at the academy and was told by my former boss that the summer break would prevent her having any spare time as it was the tourist season. I was disappointed but self-employed people seem to work harder tha

lindsay the shower

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Lindsay in the Shower Ch. 03

Robbie, an older athlete had offered me room in his beach house during a short break in the sports academy's program and he had made me feel obliged to get naked with him on the beach. Now we were having a paddle around in the sea, still naked in silence for a few moments. 

Later as we were returning to our towels, Robbie mentioned, 'Hudson Kemp from the Gymnastics Program could call at some stage to collect some coaching DVDs he loaned me. He's a good guy and has some great ideas

lindsay the shower

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Gym Shower Fun

I loved my shower time after my work out at my gym. Every other night at 9 pm I would be down with my work out and striping down at my locker ready to hit the showers. I kept my schedule that way for one particular reason. Every time I hit the gym at that time there would be a 50 some year old man that was showering with his curtain wide open. 

Being a bit of an exhibitionist, I would hold my towel and walk naked to the showers. This caught the older gentleman's attention. I was 1

gym shower fun

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In The Shower Pt. 02

I returned to the gym often at the same time (later evenings) hoping to find him there, looking for a repeat, to no avail. Finally one evening I saw him talking to another guy also looking to be in his early twenties. This guy had dark hair and I wanted to see if it extended all over.

They were looking my way, so I finished my workout and headed for the locker room. In the steam room I was met by the same young guy that I had met before who sat beside me and quietly asked, "Same p

the shower

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