Planting The Family Seed Ch. 02

Author's Note (B Flat):

While the first chapter of this story was based in true life experiences, I've decided to mix some fiction into the rest of this story at the request of readers and to make for a more interesting story.

This story deals with gay incest but this particular chapter is about two friends who 'accidently' have sex. Chapter 3 will get back to the gay incest theme.

I've decided to mix it up a little and future chapters will even go in

planting the family seed

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Planting The Family Seed Ch. 03

Author's Note (C-Sharp)

This chapter is back to the incest theme at the beginning but finishes with another encounter between Denny and John. Is John secretly aware of these encounters or do you believe that he can sleep through two orgasms? I will be developing that relation more in future chapters.

Chapter 4 will delve into Denny's father's history and will focus on his first night in prison as told by Denny. There will be plenty of gay sex in Chapter but w

planting the family seed

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