She Won't See You Again

As soon as he opened the door, he knew he was in trouble. Blond-haired Joseph stood just a few feet in front of a man that he clearly recognized as his lover's husband. Thirty-three-year-old Damian was a towering African-American man with long dreadlocks and well-built arms. Upon close inspection, he seemed like the kind of guy that numerous women would be swooning over. But judging by his blank stare, which caused Joseph to freeze himself in newfound dread, he wasn't in the mood for a friendly 

she won't see you again

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You'll See Better Days

He had bad days before, but none of them felt as appalling as today. By the late afternoon, he became fed up with those who pestered his good conscience. He just wanted to go back home and settle his frustration in some way. He didn't want to deal with the rejection that he had faced in the morning, which incidentally would be followed by some irritating moments at work.

Xavier got off at work as soon as the setting sun drenched the afternoon sky with an evident shade of orange an

you'll see better days

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I Want to See You Smile

Every weekday was the same for Derek. He would attend his classes at Cal State Fullerton, hang out with friends, and return home for the night. It seemed to be such a normal routine for the typical college student. But on a Monday afternoon, during the cool and serene month of April, the breaking of the cycle would be based on a crucial decision not only on his part, but on someone else's as well.

As his final class of the day ended, Derek couldn't spend time with his friends for

want see you smile

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