The Second Time

Hi I am a 38 years old bisexual married man. I started my adventures with men because my wife is not able to satisfy all my sexual desires. At first I only had sex with man for my own pleasure but after the first time I had a desire to also satisfy other men. Every story describes one of the adventures I had in the past five years.

The second time

As described in my first story I really had an obsession about having sex with men but I only got sucked of once and pla

the second time

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Business Trip - Second Night

The second night. . . 

I awoke the next morning with only the slightest of hangovers from lastnight's beer. I smelled like dried cum, which was caked on my cock, and stale pee and beer. A quick run thru the shower, this time for washing me not for playing in, and all the usual morning ambulations. Within a short time I was ready to head down to breakfast.

As part of this software conference, the sponsors had set up a breakfast buffet, and were hoping that the attend

business trip second night

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Second Honeymoon

Chapter One:

When I was eighteen, my mom and dad decided to take a two week long second honeymoon vacation. They coordinated this with my summer vacation, and I would therefore have the displeasure of spending my holiday with my mom's sister, Ruth. Ruth was married to a farmer named Waldo. Their twin sons, Hans and Dirk, were nineteen years of age. The boys had been named, after their father's German ancestors.

Waldo was a huge 6'3" man, and looked like your typica

second honeymoon

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Second Gay Massage

This story continues from “first gay massage.” 


After my first experience having a gay massage I was eager to have another so a week later I called Greg who was happy to hear from me, even happier to give me another massage, telling me he could fit me in as his last appointment for the day at 7pm which I agreed on.

As I did last time, I showered well, again shaving my cock, balls and arse. This time though I finished off by sliding my 7" di

second gay massage

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The Second Man

[This story evolved from images seen combining in a moment as I was jogging past a house on a suburban street shortly after dawn]

I woke to a nudge at my side and a hand snaking over my waist and down my belly.

"I wanna. OK?"

Oh, Lord, I thought. This was why I didn't normally let them spend the night—even for an extra $25. They'd want it again. And they'd want it without paying for it. I guess letting them stay the night signaled to them that

the second man

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My Second Lover

I was 21 and horny as usual. I have blonde curly shoulder length hair and blue eyes. I'm slim 6' and 135 pounds. 

It's Saturday night and I went across town to check out a few bars I'd seen but never entered before.

I enter the first bar and notice a lack of women. I didn't think too much about it at first as it was a small corner bar. I ordered a beer and sat at a table as the bar was full.

As I sat there a few guys came over to play the bowling g

second lover

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