High School Romance Ch. 05

I just want to let my readers know that it may take me more time than usual to post from now on. Classes start at university in a few days. But I will try to have one up at least every other week.


A few months had passed since the incident. Paul and the other boys had all been charged with assault. Mrs. Lockheart had given up her career as a wedding planner to home school her son. It was winter, and it was colder than usual that yea

high school romance

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High School Romance Ch. 09

Brady came home that afternoon to find Ezra sitting at the dining room table with two envelopes in front of him. One was from Sam Houston State University and the other was from Baylor. Brady could only guess they were the letters Ezra had been waiting for nearly the day after he sent out his applications and from the size of the envelopes it looked like Ezra had been accepted to both.

"Hey, baby," Brady said as he pulled a chair close to Ezra.

In between the two e

high school romance

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Prep School Ch. 01

The day came for each of them. They all knew it would come, but still it was always a shock. The mother was usually the happy one sending her boy off to become the kind of man she always intuitively knew he would be. The fathers less happy. Their dreams of sons emerging as manly men disappeared in that long trek to Smith's Prep School.

It was no more or no less true for Stephen Talbot. The day came and it was time to embrace his true self. Everyone he knew told him so. The life of

prep school

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